Classic Porsche 962 onboard at Spa

Saw this over at Jalopnik (credit where credit is due!) and thought it was worth posting here too.

This is the #2 Porsche 962 of Jochen Maas and Jacky Ickx chasing the #19 Porsche 956 of Thierry Boutsen and Stefan Bellof. It’s the beginning of the race and about 10 minutes of action. Spa is a very fast track and very tough driving with blind turns, famous corners and tons of history.

Sadly, part of the history is that this is the race where Stefan Belloff died after touching Jacky Ickx in Eau Rouge. Apparently you can see this in another video, but I won’t link to it. This video is just great racing with some pretty awesome machinery.

This accident did lead many team to upgrade from the somewhat less safe 956 to the safer 962. Changes included moving the front wheels ahead of the pedal box (now standard on race cars) and integrating a steel roll cage into the aluminum chassis. The 962 is still a beast to drive because it relies on ground effects, which requires a stable car and that’s hard when you have a bumpy track. Anyways, enjoy the video.


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